FOG design + art fair

This weekend is the FOG Design + Art Fair at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion.

Produced in collaboration with SFMOMA (opening in spring!) It was a nice mix of contemporary art and design with a bit of mid century modern mixed in.


I hereby declare 2016 the Year of the Flock, flocking (a technique to electrostatically attach velvet to a surface) was featured in sculpture and furniture on a large scale.

TheFrank_kim simmonson

Kim Simmonson’s sculptures c/o Jason Jacques inc.


Intricate paper cutting was also a feature.

TheFrank_Donna Ruff

Donna Ruff’s New York Times cut paper works


Manipulation of existing photographs

TheFrank_Maurizio Anzeri 1

Maurizio Anzeri c/o Haines Gallery


The stand out of the show for me was Iris Eichenberg’s work Real. Mirrors, objects and drawings all intertwine to defy spatial congruity and fixed meaning. Loosely based on the idea of the mantlepiece object, the works are encountered singularly and as a whole almost at once.

TheFrank_Iris Eichenberg

Iris Eichenberg’s work Real


Rosana Castrillo Diaz produces intricately detailed graphite drawings.

TheFrank_Rosana Castrillo Diaz


Alicia McCarthy always a perennial favorite and producing gorgeous subtle works of colored pencil overlaid latex on wood

TheFrank_Alicia McCarthy

Alicia McCarthy Untitled, 2016 c/o John Berggruen Gallery


I was thrilled to see Tejo Remy’s chest of drawers ‘You Can’t Lay Down Your Memories’. I had seen it in so many design books, to be able to pull out drawers and investigate up close how this deceptively simple design manifested was a highlight.

TheFrank_Tejo Remy




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