tara de la garza

Tara de la Garza, Artistic Director

Tara de la Garza is an artist, curator and art consultant who has worked as a curator with the Chelsea Art Museum and No Longer Empty in NYC where she worked with artists such as Yoko Ono. She also ran her own temporary street-front gallery where she showed artists such as pre-eminent Australian artist Tracey Moffatt. Currently she is enjoying curating personal and corporate collections in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Member of the National Women’s Causus for Art
creating community through art, education, and social activism











Althea Solis, Assistant Curator

Althea is a writer, painter, and comic books artist; an explorer, a star-gazer, a warm-hearted pragmatist, a recent graduate of Stanford University, a child of hard-working immigrants, a native of nowhere, someone who misses San Diego and loves when the Bay is reminiscent of the rest of California; someone who loves books, animals, wide-open spaces, cooking, and sunlight.